Government, private hospitals and clinics teeming with patients, especially children

Winter is known to create congenial conditions for viruses to thrive longer. Thanks to this phenomenon, cases of viral fevers, mostly upper respiratory tract infections are on a high in the capital. The tough part for general public is that despite taking precautions, it is difficult to avoid viral infections during the season.

The outpatient wings of Government Hospitals, private nursing homes and clinics are teeming with patients, especially children, with cold, runny nose, nose block, high fever and body pains.

A minimum of three to four days of bed rest and medication has become a norm for them in Hyderabad for the past fortnight.

“Cold is known to stimulate our airways to lungs. During winter, the soft muscles in our airways are tightened or constricted, leading to cough, wheezing and shortness of breath. Asthma patients should be very careful and should not miss their prescribed medication and avoid taking morning walks,” says Senior Chest Physician, Erragadda Chest Hospital, Dr. K. Subhakar.

The outpatient wings of Government Hospitals have recorded a marked increase in patient inflow.

The average patient inflow at Gandhi, Osmania and Fever Hospitals is now close to 1,200 patients.

Even smaller area hospitals are reporting an increase in cases of viral fevers during this winter.

“At present, our daily inflow of viral fever patients is between 190 and 200. Usually, it hovers between 80 and 100 patients per day. Women and children should be careful because they are traditionally have weak immunity levels. Despite taking precautions, it is very difficult to avoid viral fevers,” says in-charge medical officer, Cantonment Area Hospital, Rasoolpura, Dr. P. Satya Sheel.

There are options in the form of vaccines in the market to prevent influenza like infections and even pneumonia.

“The circulating virus in the atmosphere changes every year, which is the reasons why the flu shot vaccine also keeps changing. However, for pneumonia, single vaccine for a lifetime exists. Such options can be exercised but only under the guidance of doctors,” Dr. Subhakar adds.

The season of fevers is also that time of the year when patients and doctors tend to go overboard with the use of antibiotics. “Unnecessary use of antibiotics should be avoided by public this season,” doctors suggest.

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