It is not just the huge number but the reported unusual political interference in the transfer of 103 police Inspectors in Hyderabad within a fortnight, which is raising eyebrows.

That some Inspectors had disclosed their new postings much before City Police Commissioner A.K. Khan issued orders indicate the influence from politicians, some officers say. The Commissioner's orders on transfer of Inspectors are complied with, and are changed only in exceptional cases.

The fact that two Inspectors from Detective Department refused to take charge of the police stations they were posted to, kicked off discussions among police circles about ‘undue influence from politicians'. One of the Inspectors had even managed to cancel an order which posted him to a station in North zone.

“He got posted again to another police station of the same zone.

This is not possible without strings being pulled by the politicians,” feel some police officers.

The reason for his refusal to assume charge of police station as per the first order was that the station area had more slums, while the second posting area had posh clubs and commercial localities in its jurisdiction.

The posting of another Inspector to a station in East zone too brought into sharp focus the involvement of politicians in police postings.

The officer concerned was earlier arrested by Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) for allegedly taking bribe during his earlier stint in Cyberabad and was recently reinstated.

While officers with better service record were working in non-focal areas, a tainted officer getting posted to a police station too added strength to the political interference reports.

Existing fact

Police top brass concede in private discussions that pressure from political bosses is there but they are trying their best to protect organisational interest. Mr. A.K. Khan said the transfers were taken up in the backdrop of promotion of over 70 Sub-Inspectors as Inspectors.

“Majority of the new postings pertained to Additional Inspectors and confirming posting of those working for long on attachment,” he said.

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