The Ranga Reddy district administration has maintained that a report published in these columns on the plight of Mohan Reddy, a blast victim could ‘unfortunately raise false hopes [in] some patients who are recovering into seeking incapacitation certificates, although they are ineligible for the same”.

The Hindu report on Tuesday highlighted the travails of blast victim Mohan Reddy, who had to run from pillar to post while trying to get a disability certificate.


Responding to the news item in a clarification issued today, the Ranga Reddy administration said Mr. Reddy was told to “attend the hospital for a monthly review for a period of three months”.

Further, it said: “Temporary loss of hearing has been a complaint with some patients from which many recovered. Permanent loss of hearing can be assessed after three months of observation and advised treatment, even surgery if required”.

The press release claimed that the administration, “on humanitarian grounds”, responded spontaneously and made arrangements for Mohan Reddy to get examined in Osmania General Hospital on Wednesday.

Victims not briefed

However, what the administration did not explain was why weren’t the blast victims briefed about the procedures involved in issue of disability certificates.

When contacted, Mohan Reddy denied being informed by anyone about the conditions.

“Nobody from the district administration told us about such things. In fact, nobody has contacted me after they handed me my ex-gratia cheque. They simply washed their hands off,” he complained.

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