Youngsters from Madannapet and Saidabad, who had disappeared after outbreak of communal clashes there a few days ago, are becoming suspects in the temple desecration incident at Madannapet.

Police officials suspecting the possible complicity of local youngsters in that incident observed that there was no reason for residents to hide unless they were directly or indirectly involved. “Their disappearance soon after the clashes naturally points the needle of suspicion at them. Hence, we're verifying antecedents of those individuals who had disappeared apparently fearing legal action,” the investigators said.

Meanwhile, the Special Investigation Team sleuths took two persons, who were among those already arrested in the communal clash cases, into police custody for further questioning. “We hope to get more details about the persons who indulged in damage of property and stone pelting by interrogating the two accused,” the SIT officials said. The investigators had already made a massive exercise of analysing call data records of mobile telephones used in the areas where clashes broke out. This has become crucial to ascertain whether or not a suspect was present in that area when the communal clashes were reported.

In some instances, this analysis helped the police ascertain the extent of involvement of the accused in the cases. “For example, if the complicity of a resident of Bhavaninagar or Gowlipura is alleged, we'll verify his call data record first to confirm if he moved around in that area when violence took place,” a police officer said.

No evidence

No progress was reported in the two cases of hurling meat into mosques in Kacheguda. SIT officials are focusing on the temple desecration incident in Madannapet while Kacheguda police are working on available clues in the two cases relating to mosques. They claim that no evidence was found to connect the Madannapet and Kachiguda incidents.