With shattered dreams and scared to take on the administration on foreign soil, hundreds of students from Hyderabad enrolled in the London Metropolitan University (LMU) are vainly seeking assistance from the Indian Government.

The affected students allege that neither the Indian Embassy nor the State Government has made serious efforts to reach out to them after the UK Border Agency (UKBA) banned the LMU from teaching foreign students accusing it of violating the visa norms. The number of affected students from the State is likely to be over 100 including 60 from just one course M.Sc (Pharmaceutical Sciences).

Rahul Revoori, one of the affected students told The Hindu that they were being harassed for no fault of theirs and Indian students were afraid to even hold demonstrations fearing reprisal from the administration.

“Most students are ignorant about what they are going to lose if they don’t protest,” he says. Some of them have joined recently while others are on the verge of finishing the course.


Rahul’s situation is pitiable as he has already submitted his thesis and is waiting for the viva voce to get the degree. “My visa is expiring on October 15 and the University doesn’t respond to my pleas now. Where do I go,” he says. Rahul has spent GB pounds 10,000 for the course and the fear of bank loan is haunting him now.

Though the affected students have been asked to find a new university, many say they have to repeat at least a semester spending a few lakh rupees, and they find the finances coming extremely difficult. “Visa violations by the University are not students’ concern and the Government should bring pressure on British Government to save Indian students,” is their argument.

Indian students are particularly displeased with the apathy of Indian Embassy. “Despite the intensity of the problem there is little response or help from the embassy officials,” says Rahul’s friend.

“Many emails were sent to the embassy but without any response. Even the State Government has not responded though there are nearly 100 students from the State affected.”