Electron microscopes, a liquid nitrogen plant and sophisticated crystallography equipment. More than 10,000 students from different parts of the State took a trip down a scientific wonderland on Thursday during the ‘Open Day’ organised at the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB).

“I have been waiting for this. It’s a great opportunity to interact with scholars and scientists and visiting these labs,” V. Kavita, a Class 8 student from St. Ann’s School, said. “I attended Open Day last year too and clarified some doubts in biology and cell structure,” she said, adding that the posters were interesting and informative.

While the students had an exciting day, the resident scholars and scientists too had to face a field day trying to satiate the curiosity of students.

“Schoolchildren were particularly inquisitive and we had to come up with innovative ideas to encourage their imagination and understanding,” P. Shakuntala, a research student, said. The posters were designed by the staff and research scholars of the institution, she said.

The Open Day is held on September 26 every year to commemorate the establishment of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).

This initiative is particularly aimed at encouraging students to take up pure sciences and research as their career choice, CCMB Director Ch. Mohan Rao said.

“Science is a major tool that can be used for societal development and there is a need to encourage research in pure sciences. Initiatives like this help in developing interest among students,” he said. Schools and colleges interested in organising tours can write to the institution and visit the labs in smaller groups, Dr. Rao said.

Institutions interested in organising such visits can send an email to CCMB Communication Officer J.P. Sastry at jps@ccmb.res.in.

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