The BJP’s Delhi unit president Harshavardhan on Sunday hit out at the Congress as “corrupt” and the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) as a “symbol of anarchy”, while urging the people to take the right decision so that the health of the nation could be restored successfully.

Speaking at a symposium on Health of the Nation - A Forum for Health Policy Advocacy here on Sunday, Dr. Harshavardhan claimed that the man who currently symbolised the aspirations of the people was BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. He said Mr. Modi had a strong, positive and practical vision for the country.

Referring to the anguish expressed by APJUDA representatives over corruption, the BJP leader described the Medical Council of India as the “biggest den of corruption” in the country, adding that the sentiments of youngsters needed to be respected. The medical education system needed drastic reform.

Dr. Harshavardhan also called for integrating various Indian systems of medicine with modern medicine as part of efforts to improve the health system.

Earlier, several eminent doctors made presentations on policy changes needed in the health sector with respect to different areas, including child and maternal healthcare and non-communicable diseases.

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