The Madhapur road leading to Ayyappa Society is dotted with potholes, and traffic is clogged for most part of the day

In the heart of the IT corridor, Madhapur evokes a sense of déjà vu. One of the city’s newer centres of growth, the lack of planned sectors, bad road conditions and traffic chaos in this IT corridor are strikingly reminiscent of all that is wrong with the planning and traffic enforcement agencies.

The road leading to the Ayyappa Society at the heart of Madhapur is dotted with bad road conditions and remains clogged with unregulated traffic for most part of the day.

Busy always

A bustling market operates close to the main road from where flowers to vegetables are sold on pushcarts, while the cluster of commercial buildings alongside houses everything from eateries to beauty parlours.

With hectic shopping activity on during office hours in the mornings and evenings, the stretch remains clogged and two wheelers and cars struggle to find their way out of chaos that mark these hours.

“There is a labour adda in the centre of the road which adds to the woes as scores of workers stand on this narrow stretch and block the traffic movement further in the morning,” says Rajesh Yadav, a software employee, who shares a flat in Sai Nagar.

The Ayyappa Society road which joins the Madhapur main road close to the Bawarchi Hotel at Hitech has more chaos reigning till afternoon and then from 4 p.m. till 9 p.m.

“It has become a stop for share-autos and cabs. They halt here erratically, blocking the road,” complains Katyayani Rao, a resident of Ayyappa Society.

Traffic cops do little

Locals lament that though traffic police personnel are seen posted here during peak hours, they do little to streamline the vehicles.

“Instead of facilitating the traffic to join smoothly from the residential cluster with the main road, this point has been turned into a pickup and drop point by these autos and cabs,” she says.

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