Protestors allege that the reasons behind suicides on the campus are embedded in the ‘incapable, inhuman and anti-constitutional’ administration of the university

Student organisations at Eflu staged a silent protest in the university premises on Friday, protesting the ‘inhuman’ attitude of the Vice-Chancellor and the university administration, and demanding withdrawal of police from the campus.

Students from TSA, DABMSA, SIO and PDSU participated in the demonstration with muffled mouths. The reasons for increasing suicides on the campus are deeply embedded in the “incapable, inhuman and anti-constitutional” administration of the university, they alleged.

On the recent suicide of Arabic research scholar Mohammed Mohiuddin, the students said the administration was hiding facts by not making his suicide note public. The increasing interference of police in the university encouraged by Vice-Chancellor Sunaina Singh revealed her lack of capability in handling issues, they alleged.

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