His despair is hidden beneath sarcasm. “It should ideally be called plastic nagar or plastic colony,” remarks a local resident.

The pithy comment aptly surmises the high plastic presence in colonies in Mailardevpally in Rajendranagar and the suffering of residents from the pollution caused by it. Lanes in most of the residential areas here have heaps of used plastic bags, sachets, cups and what not, lying all over.

No action

Units involved in plastic collection, segregation and recycling abound Tata Nagar and Babul Reddy Nagar and residents lament at the pollution being caused by it. “The government which publicises so much about the harmful effects of plastic has condemned us to live amid piles of plastic,” laments Rajamouli of Tata Nagar.

A common complaint happens to be about air and water pollution caused by these units found here in large numbers and carrying out operations in varying sizes. Every bit of discarded plastic seems to have been brought here for segregation and recycling and the process ends up throwing extremely unhygienic conditions.

Health problems

At nights, the locals complain, the plastic is prepared for recycling and by burning it, the units spread nauseating smoke. “It is a regular practice and we are worried about the impact of this pollution on our children in particular,” says Radhika, a housewife.

Health problems related to breathing have been on increase with children and the elderly suffering more, say the locals. “The accumulated plastic gets washed during rains and the water flowing from here smells noxious and the colour of it makes us feel jittery,” adds another.

S. Ramesh, a locally active social worker wonders as to how the municipal authorities permitted such an activity in the predominantly residential locations. “How were the licences given to them and how many are operating without required approval? The municipal authorities have to take some action before things slip out of control,” he says.

The local corporator, T. Prem Das Goud shot off a letter to the Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board (APPCB) seeking necessary steps to get these colonies rid of the pollution caused by the plastic. “People here are subjected to this menace from plastic and their woes are compounded by the pollution that comes from industries of Katedan. We want the authorities concerned to take appropriate action and that too at the earliest,” he demands.

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