Think of uploading your building plan online along with the drawings and imagine getting the permission in 15 minutes flat! And, how easy life would be if there is a single window system to get all the necessary permissions for layouts, no-objection certificate and also the land use certificate.

The dream clearance proposal is likely to come true in the coming days if the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) blueprint is anything to go by. The scheme prepared by the planning wing and its consultants is pretty elaborate touching all the aspects of the hassles associated with obtaining a building or a layout permission from the body through digitisation and computerisation . Initially, building and layouts permissions for residential properties are to be taken online and it will be followed by permissions for commercial/industrial activities and then the NoCs for land use and so on, integrating the Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and other technologies, senior officials explained.

The module is to have citizens submit applications on-line or at the CFC in the head office, application will be scrutinised through a workflow and tracked through a file tracking system. Auto cad drawings of the property are to be submitted to the auto-DCR system and the system gives the compliance and deviations report in about 15 minutes.

Physical verification will be conducted by the field engineers and handheld devices will be used to capture the data and update the system online.

Once permissions are given to the citizen, the status of the file is automatically updated on the website.

Best part of the system is that applications can be submitted anytime and anywhere, senior officials say and add that tracking of files can be done online.

The Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) has been entrusted with the task of whetting the proposal and it has, in turn, contracted a private design firm to prepare a workable module so that the scheme can take off, senior officials indicated.

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