Developed by Olacabs, this mobile application will be available in Hyderabad soon

Call a cab with just a tap on the screen of your smartphone. Among the first in India to introduce the concept of booking a cab by punching on a mobile application, CEO and co-founder of Olacabs, Bhavish Aggarwal says that the service would soon be introduced in Hyderabad.

The Olacabs application, available for all android-based phones, allows users to see availability of cabs in their vicinity. A single tap on the screen will allow users to book a cab. Information regarding the cab driver is immediately displayed on the screen of the users. The concept, introduced in Mumbai, has spread to Bangalore, Delhi and now is set to make an entry in Hyderabad.

The IIT Mumbai alumni, fields a few questions:

On emerging app market in India:

“There is a huge penetration of smartphones in India. People are buying smartphones before they are actually buying computers. There’s a huge untapped potential. People are downloading apps that meet all kinds of needs. So, developers should base their ideas on the needs of users.

Advice to young developers:

I personally would say that youngsters should look to develop business first and then build applications around it. I feel that applications should be built around business. Companies should never work only to develop applications. They should concentrate on other aspects too. If youngsters have a good idea and passion they should immediately try it and not think to start only when the right time comes. Sometimes, small ideas become huge.

How did Olacabs start?

I worked for two years in Microsoft at Bangalore. I always wanted to start my company. I realised in big cities such as Mumbai and Hyderabad, commuters struggle to get cabs. There are inordinate delays. Sometimes, the cab is not available at that particular spot. Along with another friend, we developed the business by roping in cab drivers and then developed the mobile application of Olacabs.


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