‘Sahr’ get-togethers are a new concept catching up among youngsters

It is not only the markets around the Charminar that are open till the early hours during the month of Ramzan but a few facilities also remain open.

Basically, these businesses target youngsters who hit the bed late in the night and spend time trying to make the most of the changed scenario in the month.

Unlike the regular days one can even find night time sporting activity in this part of the city. Most boys offer their ‘taraveeh’ prayers and assemble at the playground for night cricket or football.

“It is a regular activity for us during Ramzan as we can’t play during fast,” says Mirza Sohail Baig of Khilwat. In fact, intermittent rainfall this year is seeing more indoor activity like table tennis and billiards. Recreational centres in Charminar, Shah Ali Banda, Kalapather, Kanchanbagh and Yakutpura are teeming with youths.

When hungry the youths drop in at the numerous hotels and eateries that remain open for the whole night during Ramzan.

From fast food to haleem and biryani one can get any dish even in the dead of the night.

‘Sahr’ get-togethers are a new concept catching up among youngsters. They assemble at some restaurant to have a meal.

“We work in different offices during the day time and do not get an opportunity to get together for ‘Iftar’, thus we explore the ‘sahr’ opportunity,” says Syed Fareeduddin, working in an automobile showroom.

A few use the time to get their vehicles repaired as well. Some mechanic workshops operate till the ‘Sahr’ time. “My clients are mostly youngsters and in Ramzan they come only in the evening and for them I keep the workshop open till 3 a.m. for their convenience,” says Mohd. Zabi of Kalapather.

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