A leakage from an oil tanker in Khairatabad has put the lives of many a commuter in grave risk, by resulting in a number of two-wheelers skidding at the same place on Saturday evening.

Eye witnesses reported of an oil spill between the Hanuman Temple and Khairatabad traffic signals, which resulted in quite a few vehicle skids on the stretch. Commuters could not discern the spilt oil, as the road was moist due to rain and it was dark on the stretch, they said.

“I witnessed at least six vehicles skidding on the road, resulting in injuries to the riders. Need to apply brakes near signals made them more vulnerable. RTC buses or heavy vehicles close behind would have worsened the situation,” informed M. Srinivas, an eye witness.

People could have been saved of the trouble had the traffic police been alert enough to pour sand on the stretch or diverted the vehicles, he said.


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