Ashok Kamble, who was feared trapped under the City Light Hotel debris, was in Warangal

After taking many twists and turns, the story surrounding the mysterious disappearance of a worker Ashok Kamble ended on a happy note on Friday when he returned safely to his family.

Forty-year-old Kamble’s wife Meera and his close relatives feared that he was trapped under the debris of City Light Hotel and Bakery building which crumbled on the morning of July 8 killing 18 persons and injuring 20 others.

With his wife claiming that Kamble had been working in the hotel, police and rescue operation teams believed he could have been trapped under the rubble.

For two days, they carefully removed the debris brick by brick but could not find Kamble.

As he was not among the dead or injured, mystery shrouded his disappearance prompting the Mahankali police to register a case of missing person.

Interestingly, the investigators found that Kamble’s mobile phone got switched off two days before the City Light Hotel collapsed.

Later, they confirmed that the phone was being used in Warangal district area after a message sent from the mobile phone service provider was received by it.

“Contrary to the claims made by Meera, her husband made it clear that he never worked at the City Light Hotel but was employed with a decorative item seller in the area. He had some differences with his wife over family matters,” Mahankali ACP N. Mahender said.

Two days before the hotel building collapsed, he met three persons from Warangal district working as labourers at Garden Hotel in Secunderabad. Along with the trio, Ashok went to Warangal and worked in a Rajasthani eatery at Dantalapalli village.

“I could not use my phone because its battery got discharged and I was not carrying a charger,” he told the police.

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