A team of 12 students from Little Flower High School did the country proud by winning the Sixth Annual Asian Regional Space Settlement Design Competition and if all goes well, would participate in the 15th International Space Settlement Design Competition to be held in NASA, Houston, Texas. Set in the future, the competition is an industry simulation for teams of high school students and aims at teaching industrial skills to the students. The students experienced a taste of working in the aerospace industry.

The students: Amogh Auknoor, Akshit Naresh, Samala Sai, C. Srihari, Syed Mohammed Shah, B. Sai Anurag, V.Joel, K.Santosh Reddy, P.Arun, V.Vidheesha, K.L. Manoj and Rohit Sadanand had to propose a design of space colonies or cities in which over 10,000 people live and work.

Every year dozens of teams from all over Asia send their applications to participate in this competition, following which the teams are asked to send in their proposals for selection. “We put a proposal for a space colony in the Mars orbit and were declared runners-up in the Asian semi-finals,” said Amogh Auknoor, team leader. The team then formed a fictitious aerospace company –‘Grumbo Aerospace’ along with Amity International School, Delhi and Lahore Grammar School, Lahore to work on their next project ‘Benevectoras’- a cycler (transporter) between Earth and Mars. “The aim of the cycler is to transport people and good to other space settlement,” explained Mr. Auknoor Lauding the students efforts, Bro. Jaico Gervasis, Principal, Little Flower High School said the competition tested the imagination and innovativeness of the students.