Legal Metrology Department checks usage of dispensing pumps that lack mandatory approval

The Legal Metrology Department on Saturday launched a crackdown on fuel stations to check the usage of dispensing pumps that lacked mandatory approval from the department.

Officials claimed that the dispensing pumps made by a particular company were not having the facility of using remote and approval for automation as well. Despite, lacking formal approvals these models were being used in many fuel stations.

According to a release issued by the department, by using remotes, the operator of the dispensing pump can change the price, density and speed of the delivery of the fuel. By making these changes, consumers were not receiving the correct product for the amount paid by them.

“We first collected details about the company and started conducting raids. We will take action against the fuel stations for using such dispensing pumps,” said a senior official.

Even if fuel station owners’ use approved dispensing pumps, they are supposed to inform the password to the department, but they have not disclosed such details.

This apart, according to Legal Metrology Rules, the remote cannot be handed over to the dealer or operator of the dispensing pump, but many were using the remotes.

On the contrary, fuel station-owners claimed that the dispensing pumps are purchased, supplied and installed by oil companies.

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