Four persons entered the house of a chit operator at Panduranganagar in Attapur of Rajendranagar on Wednesday afternoon claiming as income tax officials and took away gold ornaments weighing 200 grams and Rs. 1 lakh.

The quartet knocked on the doors of Ms. Saraswati Devi Dalia at around 12.35 p.m.

Barge inside

When she opened the door, the tricksters showed identity cards maintaining that they were from the Income-Tax Department and barged inside saying they had to search her house. Even as the woman and her son Ashish Kumar wondered as to why the Income Tax Department was targeting their house, the “IT officials” combed the entire house instructing them to open almirahs, shelves, bedrooms and lockers. They seized the bank passbooks, documents, gold jewellery and one lakh rupees from the almirah and put them in a bag. “We’re giving you a receipt for the seized items. You come to our office later and collect the articles after furnishing information as to how you procured them,” they told the mother and son before walking away with the bag.

Taken for a ride

The dazed chit operator’s family later inquired with the Income-Tax officials only to realise that they were taken for a ride.

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