Mohammed Cap Mart (MCM) at Patharghatti unveils a rich collection of imported prayer mats known as ‘musallas’ for Ramzan month. One can pick up the best ones from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Belgium at prices that are not heavy on the pocket

Thick, soft textured and velvety. And in all hues and designs that lift up the spirits. They sure are an invitation to worship. Prayer rugs, which are an essential part of Islamic worship, can now be had from the country of your choice. Decked up with Islamic motifs, they promise to enhance the bliss of prayer.

With Ramzan, the month of fasting, round the corner, Mohammed Cap Mart (MCM) has unveiled a rich collection of imported ‘Musallas’ at its Patharghatti shop.

One can pick up the best of prayer mats from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Belgium at prices that are not heavy on the pocket. In fact there is something for every income group. What’s more one can offer ‘namaz’ on the same type of rugs that are laid in the grand mosques at Makkah and Madina.

From a minimum of Rs.40 a square feet to Rs.150 square feet, the ‘Musallas’ are available in different price range. Those of Saudi Arabia and Turkey particularly are much sought after and can be had for as little as Rs.350 to Rs.960. Cotton carpets of India with the decorated niche at one end representing the ‘mihrab’ in the mosque are available for just Rs.90 apiece.

The exhibition-cum-sale of imported prayer rugs that opened on Sunday at MCM will be on till the end of Ramzan. This year one can shop for the prayer mats at its Tolichowki showroom also.

Donated to mosques

Ramzan shopping is essentially about clothes, caps and surma. But a good number of Muslims also purchase new sets of Quran and prayer rugs. Some acquire them for personal use while some donate them to mosques in the memory of their dear ones.

“One can donate prayer rugs for a single row in a mosque for Rs.3,200. This will be sufficient for 50 persons to offer prayers,” says Ilyas Bukhari, MCM proprietor.

A good number of NRIs as also locals donate prayer rugs to mosques during Ramzan. And most of them head to the MCM where authentic prayer mats are available. The 113-year old shop founded by Peer Mohammed started off with selling caps. Today it has developed into a four-storeyed departmental store dealing in a variety of goods.

But come Ramzan, this ancient shop is flooded with shoppers looking for devotional merchandise.

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