The Hyderabad Golf Association (HGA) on Tuesday sought to allay apprehensions raised by different groups including the NGOs on the golf course at Golconda causing damage to heritage, water bodies or graveyards.

The 18-hole course was taken up with due care with all required permissions and executed under the direct supervision of a committee comprising Hyderabad district Collector, AP Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC) Managing Director and Superintending Archaeologist, Archaeological Survey of India.

“The project is strictly in accordance with the orders of the High Court. We are not interested in taking over anyone's land, defile graves or damage the historical site. We respect sentiments and every step of the project follows due process and strictly in keeping with guidelines,” said HGA captain Asadulla Pasha.

Garbage dump

The Jamalikunta area which was a garbage dump for years was reclaimed and grassed. The golf fairways have enhanced the beauty of the place and saved the land from possible encroachments to serve as lung space, he said.

Mr. Pasha said that some activists tried to disrupt the joint survey taken up by the Wakf Board, ASI and Revenue authorities recently and were detained by the police. “We are not involved in any way in that development,” he said.

He also rebutted the claim of activists that heavy machinery was used and massive excavation taken up and said that there was no excavation involved as golf course is built on natural contours.

Sewerage treatment

An eco-friendly sewerage treatment plant of one MLD capacity has been set up by the HGA, he said in response to charges that lakes were being emptied.

C. Dayakar Reddy, HGA honorary joint secretary, said those opposed to the project were misrepresenting and distorting issues related to the golf course.

“We have approached these groups to dispel their apprehensions if any, but they refuse to respond,” he said.

Rs.150 per round

The golf course was open for general public and anyone can pay a small fee of Rs.150 to play a round, which is cheapest compared to Rs.3, 000 to Rs.6, 000 charged by some others, he said.

Other HGA office-bearers, including president J. Vikramdev Rao, honorary secretary B.L.K. Reddy and treasurer B.V.K. Raju were also present.

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