Sleek and equipped with powerful engines, Gulfstream’s ultra long range and ultra large cabin G650 business jet has flown into the country for the first time for the India Aviation 2014 and in the process also created a record of sorts by getting to Mumbai non-stop from New York in 13.45 hours flat.

“If you maintain proper cabin pressure and fly at 41,000 feet in the air, the fatigue is less and you feel fresh. Of course, the plane’s automated technology also helps,” smiled Scott Curtis, captain, sitting inside the cockpit on the Begumpet airport tarmac on Wednesday. He, along with his two other colleagues including Eric Parker, piloted the plane without a break from U.S.

It’s a record considering that usual time for the journey on a commercial airliner will be anywhere from 16 hours and 19 hours between the two cities. “The plane can do maximum speed of up to Mach 0.90, we travelled at Mach 0.85 to reach here,” explained Mr. Curtis, having moved to business jets after a stint in the U.S. military.

Even as it was dwarfed by the huge double decker Airbus 380 in terms of size, the G650 was certainly capturing eyeballs for its elegant design and comforts available for the passenger inside. With luxurious interiors, this aircraft can easily seat up to 10 people and can have a custom-made bed.

Manufactured by the US-based, Gulfstream Aerospace Company, the aircraft was launched less than a year ago in the market but is supposed to have made a mark in the small aircraft market.

“There are already about 20 of these planes flying in the country. We are sure that many businessmen, who may have to travel twice or thrice a week, would like to take a serious look at a plane which allows them to reach U.S. saving several hours of flying time,” pointed out a company official. It costs a cool US$ 65 million. Planning to buy it? Well, you will have to wait till 2017 because the bookings are that long.

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