Appeal in view of Ganesh immersion extending to September 30, the day of the T-March

The Ganesh Utsav Samithi has asked the TJAC to postpone the Telangana March in view of the Ganesh immersion extending to September 30, the date that the march has been proposed for.

The Utsav Samithi leaders said that the TJAC should respect the sentiments of the Hindus and the fact that a majority of them were supporters of Telangana.

Leaders including Bhagwanth Rao, Samithi’s general secretary, said that the JAC had postponed the employees’ general strike last year in view of Ramzan celebrations citing inconvenience to Muslims, but when it came to Ganesh celebrations, the TJAC was not responding despite repeated requests.

These views were expressed at a meeting held on Wednesday with City Police Commissioner Anurag Sharma and senior police officials to discuss arrangements for immersion of Ganesh idols.

Some leaders said that TJAC chairman Kodandaram was not even responding to calls and that devotees would be forced to chalk out their own plan of action if he does not respond. “Why are they so adamant on the date despite being aware of the immersion of Ganesh idols,” they asked.

Some speakers asked devotees to address press conferences division-wise on Thursday and send an appeal to the TJAC to postpone their march.

Earlier, representatives of various Ganesh pandals criticised the police for their ‘highhandedness’ and said that a few police officials were “spoiling” the festive atmosphere. South Zone DCP Akun Sabarhwal was the target of most speakers who charged that he had even booked cases for raising religious slogans.

Police officials were also threatening to open rowdy sheets. They also highlighted the bad road conditions in several parts of the city. Police officials were urged not to insist on immersion of idols immersion in local lakes if people wanted to come to Tank Bund and join the main procession.

Police Commissioner Anurag Sharma clarified that the police were not enemies to the people and in fact, were in the forefront helping them towards a smooth and peaceful immersion. He, however, said that maintaining law and order was their duty and sought the cooperation of everyone.