It was in 1996, a movie, made by director-producer Gunnam Gangaraju, had hit the screens. The director of photography was Rasool Ellore and music director was Sree.

Everyone, who had watched the movie ‘Little Soldiers’ appreciated it.

Now 18 years later, the trio had come together again.

‘Amrutham - Chandamama lo’, the latest from Gangaraju Gunnam of Just Yellow Media is getting ready for a May 17 release.

Coming from a banner which is well-known for good cinema, the film-maker is confident of garnering the patronage of movie buffs. “It is an out-and-out comedy and a family-entertainer; it is a story of two friends who are more ambitious than they have brains and how they land up on the Moon. Every character has a streak of unadulterated humour in this film, even one who has a villainous undertone is humorous. L.B. Sriram, Krishna Bhagawan, Rao Ramesh and Ahuthi Prasad - they all have played an important part besides, Avasarala Srinivas and Harish with Dhanya Balakrishnan” Gangaraju Gunnam says.

Between ‘Little Soldiers’ and now ‘Amrutham - Chandamama lo’, Gangaraju has produced three more films – ‘Aithe’ (2003), Anukokunda Okaraju (2005) and ‘Katha’ (2009) and wielded the megaphone for one movie (‘Amma Cheppandi’ in 2007), so while this is th sixth film for him as a producer, it is his third as director.


This film that runs for two hours and 20 minutes has a CG (computer graphics) component of over 60 minutes, put together by Laughing Dots and ECS, both are Hyderabad-based companies.


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