100 blind navigators to lead car rally on the Necklace road

It is as good as driving blindfolded. Only you will have your eyes wide open but will be moving on the directions of a visually challenged person. A role reversal – the blind leading the sighted.

The city is in for this thrilling experience on Sunday when 100 blind navigators will lead a car rally on the Necklace road. Appropriately named “bond with the blind”, the rally will cover a distance of 30 km. About 500 persons are expected to take part in this unique rally being organised by the Ace-Dialogue in the Dark in association with National Association for Blind, Chennai, and the Madras Motor Sports Club. The rally is intended to serve the twin purpose of changing the mindsets of the sighted and making a difference to the lives of the visually impaired.

How would the blind navigator guide his sighted partner? Simple. He will read out the instructions written in Braille script to help the driver follow the rally route. And in the process both will strike a camaraderie which help them understand each other in a much better way.

The Dialogue in Dark is India’s unique exhibition tour in which the sighted persons explore the unseen with the help of visually impaired guides. Ever since it opened at the Inorbit Mall in Madhapur two years ago it is attracting good crowds.

The rally will be flagged off at 8.30 a.m from Necklace Road. Those who want to register for the rally can call 9908186489 or 9676892000. Rest assured you will not end in a blind alley. The navigators might see less but they sense more.

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