Governor E.S.L. Narasimhan expressed surprise at admission of candidates who scored zero per cent in the qualifying examination to professional courses.


He wanted rules to be changed and the executive committees of universities to deliberate this point and take a decision.

Addressing the Vice-Chancellors' conference here on Thursday, Mr. Narasimhan did some plain talking. He was not satisfied when K.C. Reddy, Chairman, Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education, explained that in case of Schedule Caste, Schedule Tribe students' rank was given even if they secured zero marks in the entrance exam.

But those taking the medical stream have to get minimum of 50 per cent marks.

“In that case what is the point in holding the exam and wasting money on evaluation? You can as well admit students on first-come-first-serve basis. By the same analogy can all graduates be considered eligible for IAS,” an exasperated Mr. Narasimhan asked much to the astonishment of the V-Cs

‘Mark of excellence'

Referring to admission of students to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, he wanted excellence to be maintained. Those guiding the candidates should be well qualified. “Ph.D is a mark of excellence and it should not become just another degree,” the Governor said.

He asked universities not to hesitate in closing down colleges which do not conform to stipulated norms of infrastructure.

No college should be allowed to introduce courses without the approval of the governing body.

At the same time the universities should not bow down to pressure tactics by colleges who threaten to close down if government failed to reimburse tuition fee.

Educational institutions were not run with pressure tactics but founded for noble objectives. “Don't compromise quality for quantity and pressure,” Mr. Narasimhan told the V-Cs. About the student feed back on faculty performance, the Governor wanted the issue to be discussed. “Students being what they are, the teachers should not become objects of pressure,” he felt.

The Governor appreciated the draft reports on common academic calendar, half-yearly performance parameters and infrastructure and wanted them to be implemented right away.

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