‘Missing’ housewife was found dead in their penthouse on December 4

Noted cardiologist Seshagiri Rao’s wife Vijaya Lakshmi did not die on the very day she had gone missing, though she was found dead in her own house at Banjara Hills a week after her mysterious disappearance, surmise the police.

The 45-year-old housewife living with her daughter and husband at Journalists Colony in Jubilee Hills had gone ‘missing’ on November 28, 2013. The family searched different places including an ashram in Karnataka and a spiritual centre near Ramoji Film City, but could not find her. After inquiring with friends and relatives, the cardiologist had approached the Jubilee Hills police who registered a case.

It was around noon on December 4 that her family members grew suspicious when foul smell began emanating from one of the two rooms of the penthouse above the first floor. They found the room locked from inside and when it was opened with a spare key, they found her dead on a mat on the floor.

“Though she was found dead a week after she went missing, the condition of the body indicated that she died only two or three days earlier,” the forensic doctors reportedly told the investigators, raising doubts whether she was alive till December 1 or 2.

“Forensic doctors surmise that the woman might have gone into a coma or become unconscious soon after gulping the tablets laced in apple juice and lay on the mat from November 28. She might have eventually died after December 1 or 2,” say the investigators. Had she died on November 28, the body would have been highly decomposed when it was found on December 4.

Moreover, the bad odour would have started much before December 4 if she had died on the day she had gone missing and the family members too might have noticed it earlier, feel the police.

The police and family members believe she had purchased the tablets from a local medical store a day before her disappearance. The doctor’s driver also confirmed about having driven her to a medical shop on December 27 and saw her coming out from the shop with some tablets. But, the medical shop owner could not recollect the tablets sold to her, the police said.

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