Even the top brass in the State are in the dark on the possible form of the Hyderabad’s police unit

Ever since the Centre had announced the timeframe for bifurcating the State, common capital for 10 years and city’s law & order supervision under a special dispensation like the Lt. Governor, the debate is on about the status of the city police.

“No clue” is the cryptic remark when the question is posed to senior police officials and whether the present two Commissionerates of Hyderabad and Cyberabad will continue to work separately or if they are likely to be unified for administrative convenience once the separation happens.

Even the top brass of the State police too are in the dark on the possible form and shape of the capital police unit.

“The structure and hierarchy of the police in Hyderabad would depend on whether the Centre takes Hyderabad Police Commisssionerate jurisdiction or the entire GHMC area as the basis,” said a police officer, seeking anonymity.

If the government takes Hyderabad Police Commissionerate as the parameter, the Cyberabad Commissionerate would be under the Telangana State government. In case, the GHMC area is considered as the geographical area, both the Commissionerates have to work under the Union Ministry of Home Affairs, meaning under the Centre’s control.

There would be little change in the organisational structure of both the Commissionerates in that case. “But surely, the city police will most probably be more independent compared to the present style of functioning,” a top police officer remarked.

And, pray how? Freedom from political pressure is the first and most important changing factor, he observed.

Presently, there are instances of Inspectors failing to take charge even after the Police Commissioner had posted them to a police station because of ‘objections’ raised by the local city MLA, he pointed out.

It is an open secret that some Inspectors from districts got telephone calls made allegedly even from the Chief Minister’s office to secure postings in the city, he averred. While recommendations from the powers that be cannot be completely checked out, they could be minimised if the Union Ministry of Home Affairstakes over the administration, is the common refrain.

Police officials also hope that they would be equipped better with funds flowing into the department liberally for executing their responsibilities . Quality of investigation too would improve with officers having exposure to the standard operating procedures guiding them in discharge of duties.

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