People expected to see some big aircraft, but many had already taken off

“It is very disappointing.” That was the reaction from many visitors, who visited the India Aviation 2012 expo at Begumpet airport on Saturday, the first day when the expo was thrown open to general public.

There was no Dreamliner, Airbus nor any big aircraft. Dreamliner was touted as the biggest attraction at the expo and people were curious to have a look at the big bird. “But it is very disappointing to know that the plane took off on Friday itself”, remarked P.J. Samuel, a visitor.


During the business days, 22 aircraft, including a few helicopters from across the globe, were on display at the expo. But when it was thrown open to public on Saturday, many flights had already taken off, leaving many upset.

While, the organisers claimed that 17 aircraft were on display at the expo on Saturday, visitors had a different opinion.

Parking lot

“Except for couple of helicopters and aircraft, hardly there are any planes at the show. Lot of efforts were put in to obtain tickets and arrive at the expo amidst scorching heat but only to get disappointed,” says Subhodh Das, another visitor.

Moreover, the aircraft were parked at a distance and placement of barricades prevented a close look.

To make matters worse, visitors were made to park their vehicles at HPS Ground, Hockey ground and Cargo section of the airport and walk a long distance to arrive at the expo.

“Organisers claimed that shuttle buses would be operated to help visitors reach the expo from parking lots but no such facility was offered today. It's tough for children to walk all the way till airport in these humid conditions,” pointed out Rajesh Agarwal, another visitor.

On the other hand, FICCI Regional Director Lt. Col. Vivek Kodikal at a pre-event press briefing held on Tuesday said the event was not a ‘mela'. It was being organised to provide a platform for aviation and allied industrialists to interpret exposition of their product and services into business.

The decision to display planes and allow public to have a look at them was the sole discretion of the owners, the organisers maintained.

They claimed that 5,000 tickets would be sold per session and on Saturday all the tickets were sold out.


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