More than 50 students in the senior category and 24 in the junior category, from a total of 291 schools of the A.P. Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions (APSWREIS), competed for the coveted ‘S.R. Sankaran Super Student Lecture Trophy’, introduced to encourage students to teach and earn money even as they study.

S. Divya from the APRSW School in Etcherla, Srikakulam district, emerged victorious in the senior category while Shaila Kumari from the APSWR school Kammadanam in Mahabubnagar district won the junior category.

Awards for mentors too

The second prize went to Chandrasekhar Azad of Shaikpet school in the Hyderabad seniors category and P. Tirupathaiah of Karampudi school in Guntur.

First prize winners in the senior category got Rs.25,000 while the guide and mentor got Rs.10,000 and Rs.5,000 respectively. In the junior category, winners secured Rs.10,000, Rs.5,000 and Rs.2,500 respectively. Runners-up in the senior category were awarded Rs.15,000, Rs.7,500 and Rs.4,000 and in the junior category they received Rs.7,500, Rs.4,000 and Rs.2,000 respectively.