Large number of engineering colleges and the huge intake blamed for low quality

Andhra Pradesh figures among the bottom 25 percentile of States as far as employability of engineering students for IT jobs goes.

The National Employability Report – Engineering Graduates 2014 ranks the State alongside Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

According to the report, released by employability solutions company Aspiring Minds, Delhi, Bihar, Punjab and Uttarakhand figure in the top 25 percentile of States of most employable engineers. The report is based on the graduate class of 2013 and covers data from more than 1.20 lakh engineering students from 520 engineering colleges across 18 States.

Compared to other metros, Hyderabad seems to be way behind given that only 1.7 per cent students were found to be employable for software jobs, while for non-IT jobs, its performance was found to be satisfactory. In the Associate ITeS operations sector however, 35.6 per cent were found employable.

Similarly, 40.2 per cent were found employable in the ITeS and BPO sectors in non-IT roles. It is therefore concluded that most engineering students from the city are being picked up for non-IT jobs. The poor quality of engineers in the State is directly related to the large number of colleges and the intake, the report revealed, a phenomenon which is also reflected on the national stage.

“States like A.P. and Tamil Nadu, which have the highest number of engineering colleges, continue to have lowest employability. States need to be conscious towards better education quality rather than building more capacity,” said Aspiring Minds CEO Himanshu Aggarwal.

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