Choosing fancy dates to welcome the newborn among expectant mothers is a huge draw.

On would also expect that the date 12/12/12 would attract huge attention from pregnant women and their families. This time, however, the once-in-a-century date, has put would-be mothers, with planned deliveries, in uncertainty.

Thanks to astrology, which usually dictates the date and time of caesarean sections, Wednesday, December 12 2012, has apparently lost its charm among couples.

The reason cited by many is that 12/12/12 falls just a day before Amavasya, a day which is usually avoided by many.

While gynaecologists agree that fancy dates, like 11//11/11 of last year and the first day of the year are always in great demand, this year, however, there is not much demand to plan deliveries on 12/12/12.

Many doctors, however, maintained that caesarean sections should only be done after women complete 36 weeks of pregnancy.


“For unplanned deliveries, dates do not matter. However, women, who undergo caesarean for medical reasons along with their family members, often come to us with requests for particular dates. Unlike for 11/11/11, this time around, we have not received specific requests for 12/12/12,” says senior gynaecologist, Yashoda Hospitals, Dr. V.P. Jyotsana.

In order to avoid such complications with dates, several maternity hospitals in the Capital said that couples have simply postponed dates.

“It all depends on the condition of the woman and the baby. We show flexibility with dates only when there is no risk to the foetus and the mother. Couples came to us and enquired about 12/12/12. But, nobody in particular has selected the specific date,” several doctors pointed out.

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