Two Sub-Inspectors, K. Rajendra and Ravi Kumar from Raidurg and Mirchowk police stations, respectively, were arrested by ACB on charges of taking bribe

Two Sub-Inspectors, one on probation and another of 2007 batch from Raidurg and Mirchowk police stations of Hyderabad and Cyberabad respectively, were arrested on charges of collecting bribes on Monday.

K. Rajendra of Raidurg was caught when he collected Rs. 10,000 bribe from a person in a civil dispute case on Monday, the ACB DSP S. Venkat Reddy said. The SI received the sum sitting in his cabin in the police station and the same was recovered from his uniform.

He demanded bribe from Irshad Qureshi, complainant in the case, after seizing his bike accusing him of involving in a land dispute case. Qureshi mediated when his friend Rashid purchased a piece of land in Raidurg from a person called Azhar a few months ago. Rashid paid Rs. 30,000 to Azhar but eventually dropped his plan to purchase the plot saying that it was in dispute and left for abroad.

Azhar started pressurising Qureshi to ensure the remaining sum of the land deal not paying heed to the former’s explanation that he only mediated and had nothing to do with the payment, the DSP said. On May 24, Azhar rang up Qureshi and asked him to meet him near Raidurg police station saying that he wanted to sort out the matter.

Two policemen turned up there when Qureshi reached the place. They seized his bike and parked it on the police station premises, instructing Qureshi to “talk to the SI”. When he met the SI and requested to release the bike, the latter demanded Rs. 10,000 for himself and Rs. 30,000 for Azhar to settle the dispute at once.

Stating that he had no money, the complainant left the place and approached the SI four days later only to be intimidated by him. He eventually approached the ACB officials who caught the SI after he received Rs. 10,000 and a cheque for Rs. 30,000 on Monday.

In the second case, Ravi Kumar of Mirchowk police station, was trapped when he accepted Rs. 10,000 from a person Syed Abdul Khaled of Chattabazar after threatening to implicate him in a criminal case. Khaled and a woman Shaheena Begum working as maid in neighbouring house approached the police a week ago accusing one another of using foul language.

The SI registered a petty case against both of them. Later, he summoned Khaled to the police station and told him that the complaint lodged by Begum had contents of outraging her modestly. “The SI intimidated him saying either he has to give Rs. 10,000 to him or face the case of outraging woman’s modesty,” the ACB DSP E. Shankar Reddy said.

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