From now on, GHMC residents who intend to enrol themselves under Aadhaar, must mandatorily book their slot online

From now on, GHMC residents who intend to enrol themselves under Aadhaar, must mandatorily book their slot online. This should be done either by dialling 1100, or through the website

Slips issued by LPG agencies for slots have been cause for confusion and will not be considered henceforth for enrolments, Ranga Reddy district Joint Collector R. Mutyala Raju told a press conference here on Friday.

LPG agencies also have been instructed to book slots through the website, so as to ensure all the slots came from a single source.

Unlikely targets

Data provided by Mr. Raju suggests the extended deadline of April 15 for linking Aadhaar to LPG connections could also fall flat, given the gap between the number of LPG consumers and those who have furnished their Unique Identification Numbers and bank account details to the LPG agencies.

As of Thursday, only 4,83,687 out of the LPG consumer base of 13,59,834 have furnished their UID number, and lesser than a fifth, their bank account details.

It is highly unlikely that even the enrolments would meet the target before the deadline. For a population of 52,96,396 as per Census 2011, only 45,95,978 have enrolled themselves, clocking an 87 per cent achievement. UID numbers, meanwhile, have been generated for only 29,61,681.

While enrolment is over 100 per cent in a few urban mandals, it hovers around 62 per cent in rural areas of the district. In mandals such as Marpalli, Basheerabad, Manchal, Yalal and Peddemul, the enrolment is less than 25 per cent. Student enrolment too is lagging behind, which will result in delay of the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) of the scholarships too.

No reason to panic

However, Mr. Raju said there is no need for consumers to panic, as the Aadhaar-LPG linkage will not be enforced till the enrolments are done.

“We are mulling the option of using the Enrolment IDs to get UID numbers from Mee Seva centres. But LPG dealers are insisting on the Aadhaar card, so it might get delayed,” Mr. Raju said. Further, many consumers who had enrolled before the initial deadline of February 15, have lost their enrolment IDs.

Mr. Raju cited the shortage of UIDAI-certified operators as one hindrance in speeding up enrolments. As of now, a total of 95 centres are being run in the district, up from 75 a month ago. Power outages too are adding to the woes.

Children benefit

Meanwhile, the Aadhaar-enabled Direct Benefit Transfer scheme has been successfully implemented in the National Child Labour Project, for release of stipends to 962 children in the special schools. These children were among the 1,555 beneficiaries for whom UIDs have been generated and seeded with bank accounts, Mr. Raju told the media.

Through DBT, each child has been issued a stipend of Rs. 150 a month directly into the bank account, for the period between June 2012 and January 2013.

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