This church has neither a Crucifix nor a big statue like the Pieta as seen at St. Mary's church, but is located on the premises of St. Theresa's Hospital. Built with an Indian touch, it has the architectural features of Hindu and Jain temples.

The blue-coloured church was built at a cost of Rs.2.5 crore by Salesians, a Catholic congregation of thousands of priests and nuns around the globe that distinctly work among orphans, streetchildren and school dropouts.

The final touches to the blue edifice are being given as it will be consecrated on September 9, also the Our Lady of Health festival, by Rt. Rev. Thumma Bala, Archbishop of Hyderabad.


The rectangular high-rise church stands on a 11,000-sq.yard land, with a cellar, a hall with an altar at ground level for Christmas celebrations, Good Friday rituals and functions like marriages and the church on the first floor. This novel church was constructed after the old one was demolished.

Its architecture style is not Gothic or Corinthian or Roman with a colonnade as is the case with many churches. Capturing the present trend to Indianise the church, in line with Vatican II, its every part is native.

Four domes resembling ‘gopurams' of a Jain temple, are provided over the church along with two steeples on either side in the front made for elevation.

A big statue of Christ will be installed on the top. Indian art depicting the ‘padmam' (lotus) and creepers dot the interiors and columned porticos. Exterior angular portions are ornamented with intricate art of Kakatiya thoranams.

Art pieces

Thirty-four large sized stained glass art pieces made at Jaipur depicting Christ's life will make for window frames.

Salesians run more technical institutions in India (over 350, including 35 in Andhra Pradesh) than the government or any single agency, shaping the destiny of youth by training them in various skills and trades like smithy, carpentry, electrical wiring etc. There are over 2,500 Salesians in India, with 175 of them working in Andhra Pradesh, according to Rev. Father M. Balaswamy and G. Peter Reddy, both in-charges of the church.

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