In the next three decades, the population of Hyderabad Metropolitan Area (HMA) would be in the range of 1.60 to 1.90 crores whereas number of jobs would range between 60 lakhs to 90 lakhs, according to LEA Group, consultants for the Comprehensive Transportation Study (CTS) of HMA.

In a presentation on CTS made for the senior officials of different departments here on Thursday, the consultants noted that the location of future employment and population would determine the transport system plans and the investments required for development of transport system.

Surveys conducted in the city showed that nearly 60 per cent of the traffic on the road was two-wheelers carrying only 32 per cent of the commuters while 2.5 per cent of bus traffic carried as much as 34 per cent. It was also stressed that congestion on the road could be reduced only if commuters were shifted from two-wheelers and cars to public transport system.

The meeting was chaired by Sam Bob, Principal Secretary, MA&UD and attended by senior officials.

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