After missing several deadlines the Barapullah elevated road project, which will transport players from the Commonwealth Games Village in East Delhi to the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium during the Commonwealth Games was handed over to the Delhi Traffic Police to undertake trial runs from Thursday.

According to Public Works Department official, the project completion schedule was disrupted because of the rains.

Project Manager Sarvagya Srivastava said: “Most probably we would be handing over the road to the traffic police for beginning trial runs for buses as they have to go ahead with their traffic mobilisation work. The main structure is ready and only peripheral work remain which would not pose a hindrance to the traffic police in carrying out the trials.”

“Owing to the rains the hot mix prepared three days ago went to waste. However, when the rains stopped for some time on Tuesday night we finished the laying work of the hot-mix using blower machines for drying. The ongoing peripheral works include painting, installing railing on certain stretches, creating rain water pouts from below the structure and undertaking the ceremonial work for decoration which can continue along side the trial runs,” he added.

While officials are tight-lipped on the date of the inauguration of the project, sources reveal that the project is likely to be officially inaugurated only after the Games are over when the road would be opened to the public.

Asked whether the collapse of the foot over-bridge near the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium would have any impact on the completion of the Barapullah elevated road project, Mr.Srivastava said: “The Public Works Department engineers are feeling demoralised as it is a big setback, but other than that the project completion is not going to suffer because of the incident.”

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