Bid to discipline, regulate their movement: Transport Minister

Caught unawares by sudden proliferation of the green e-rickshaws, the Transport Department of the Delhi Government has decided to formulate a policy for regulating their movement in various parts of the city, including Lutyens’ Delhi.

On Tuesday, Transport Minister Ramakant Goswami said he has directed officials of the department to formulate a comprehensive policy for governing plying of these vehicles in the city.

“These are battery-operated vehicles and since they do no fall in the category of motorised vehicles, we were hitherto unable to regulate their movement. But we will come out with a policy to ensure that they ply in a disciplined and regulated manner,” he said.

Several issues

The Minister said there are several issues which need to be decided on quickly. “These vehicles have no registration because of the existing laws and yet they are operating as commercial vehicles. So we need to check that they charge rates as per some norm, the drivers possess some kind of licence, their routes are fixed and determined by the Government and there is some kind of checks and balances on their owners and how these vehicles are run and parked.”

Mr. Goswami said in this regard the opinion of the Delhi Traffic Police and New Delhi Municipal Council would also be taken to ensure that these slow moving vehicles do not obstruct the flow of traffic in any manner. Further, he said, the measures would also be aimed at ensuring the safety of the passengers since proper regulation would also prevent things like overloading.

Incidentally, about a month ago a large number of such e-rickshaws had emerged in the New Delhi Municipal Council area, particularly around Connaught Place and Parliament. These vehicles had begun providing a ‘feeder’ service from the metro stations in the area at rates ranging from Rs.10 to Rs.25 per passenger.

However, their operating in a zone where plying of slow moving vehicles, particular rickshaws, is prohibited had raised several eyebrows as many felt the unregulated business would ultimately lead to chaos on the roads.

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