Jail authorities have roped in art students, graffiti artists to paint its wall

The next time you go towards Tilak Nagar in West Delhi and cross the Tihar Central Jail, stop. Soak in the vibrant graffiti painted on the jail walls. Take in the whorls, swirls and flourishes that breathe life into an otherwise grim-looking jail.

The jail authorities have roped in students from the Delhi College of Arts and some graffiti artists to do just that. The artists, who have been working for a week now, are transforming the place free of charge.

“The theme of my graffiti piece is reformation. I have painted four hearts in four frames indicating a bad person going to jail, undergoing reformation and coming out a changed person,” said graffiti artist Yantra.

“When people look at a jail, they think life inside is sad for the inmates. But this is not the case with Tihar. This is not a jail, but a reformation centre. And we want to send that very message through the graffiti,” said Tihar Jail spokesperson Sunil Gupta.


Tihar inmates paint their humane side December 17, 2010

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