Traffic on the Capital's roads should not be stopped for giving clearance to VIP convoys other than those entitled to it as per the rules, the Delhi traffic policemen were recently reminded by their senior officers.

Restricted facility

The issue was taken up after the senior traffic police officers learnt that the staff on the ground had been extending this restricted facility to those who were not entitled to them. Accordingly, junior officers were briefed to go strictly by the book.

Confirming that the traffic staff had been briefed along these lines, Special Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Ajay Chaddha on Tuesday said rules were the same for all, including senior police officers. He said traffic clearance is extended to the President, the Prime Minister and up to a certain degree, the Vice-President. Certain foreign dignitaries on official visits, who enjoy such a status, are also extended the facility.

However, the traffic police facilitates the movement of other VIPs, including those who have been given Special Protection Group protection for security reasons.

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