Govt. questions ‘undue haste’ by police to transfer case to CBI

Over half-a-dozen Delhi Police personnel were caught on camera allegedly accepting bribes during a sting operation aired by a television news channel on Tuesday.

However, breaking away from the norm of its own Vigilance Department investigating such allegations, the police immediately requested the Union Home Ministry to transfer the case to the Central Bureau of Investigation to ensure a “free and fair probe”.

Soon after the sting, which featured one inspector and a sub-inspector, was aired, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal directed the Anti-Corruption Branch to initiate action. Commenting on the police’s request for a CBI investigation, the State Government alleged the police took the action marked by undue haste.

Mr. Kejriwal had earlier tweeted that the Delhi Government would take the strongest possible action against guilty policemen. “Will not spare any corrupt…also, will reward n recognise honest ones,” he added.

Among those allegedly caught red-handed in different parts of the city are two inspectors, one sub-inspector, two head constables, a constable and a home guard.

The recommendation for a CBI probe, which the police said had been approved by the Union Home Ministry in late evening, came under attack by the Aam Aadmi Party Government. It alleged that the case was being transferred only to evade a probe by the State’s Anti-Corruption Branch.

Incidentally, the sting surfaced hours after the Delhi Police on Tuesday announced that their Vigilance Branch, now notified as a police station, had arrested a head constable on extortion charges. On the same day, the force decided to transfer the sting operation case to the CBI.

In a statement released late in the evening, the Delhi Police thanked the news channel for conducting the sting operation and bringing to light such dishonest practices prevailing in the force.

“Strict action will be taken against the erring policemen by placing them under suspension and registering an FIR to take legal action. The Delhi Police are against all such misconduct and condemn the same. It has been our sincere effort to weed out black sheep from the system. We further urge all members of society to provide evidence against such elements so that the system further improves and the police serve people better,” said the statement.

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