Allegedly over an argument with three persons in a car

A sub-inspector and a constable were allegedly beaten up by three persons on a road next to the Mayur Vihar police station in East Delhi on Tuesday evening.

The police said that the two, S-I Ravi Gupta and Constable Kuldeep, were on patrolling duty around 5-30 p.m. on a motorcycle and where waiting for the traffic to ease on the road. It was then that a Fortuner Car which had four passengers reached there and asked them to move their motorcycle to create space for the car to move.

The two policemen cited lack of space due to the presence of a large number of vehicles on the road.

A little later, the car overtook the policemen’s motorcycle and soon after overtaking one of those sitting in the car opened its window and passed some remarks. At this, Constable Kuldeep replied back following which they stopped their car and three men came out. A scuffle ensued and the three assaulted the duo, said a police official.

“After the assault, two of them moved back to the car which drove away. One, who was later identified as Mukhiya, could not escape and was held by the police,” said the official.

A case has been registered and hunt is on to arrest the other attackers.

A similar incident took place a few days ago in North-West Delhi where an inspector and a constable were allegedly beaten up by two young men.

On Sunday evening, as Inspector Dharmendra Kumar and Constable Vijendra were on patrolling duty when two cars, with two passengers in each vehicle, came and stopped near a shop in Mukherjee Nagar.

The police said all four in the two cars, including a woman, were drunk. A few seconds later, one of them, a 22-year-old man identified as Sangeya, came out of the car and started knocking the shutter of the shop asking to open it.

“The policemen asked Sangeya to leave as it was 3 a.m. but he did not relent and kept knocking. As Vijendra went near Sangeya and asked him to stop, he attacked the policeman. A scuffle ensued and the other two men with Sangeya joined him and all of them together hit both Vijendra and Dharmendra,” said a police official.

After assaulting them, the attackers drove away. After a brief chase, the police managed to arrest Sangeya and his accomplice Rahul while the third accused could not be held. A case under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code has been registered.

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