She was befriended, robbed by couple at Old Delhi railway station

A 19-year-old domestic help was drugged and robbed of her belongings by an unknown couple at the Old Delhi railway station this past week, hours after she fled from her employer’s residence in Kirti Nagar where she was raped twice by a relative of another employee.

The incident came to light after the victim was found in a semi-conscious state at the Shahdara railway station over the weekend. She was taken to a hospital, where she disclosed that she belonged to Jharkhand.

About four years ago, the girl — then a minor — started working as a domestic help at a house in Ramesh Nagar. She worked there for a couple of years, after which she was employed by another person in neighbouring Gurgaon. A year ago, she started working for her Ramesh Nagar employer again. Trouble for the girl started a week ago when a young relative of the gardener working in the same house allegedly took her to the terrace and raped her. He again raped her the next evening. Terrorised, the girl did not inform her employer and decided to leave the place at once. She planned to board a train to Hyderabad, where her brother is employed.

The victim went straight to the New Delhi railway station, where she met a young couple travelling with a three-year-old girl. Claiming that they were also from Ranchi in Jharkhand and were at the station to board a Hyderabad-bound train, the couple asked her to come along with them. The girl then booked a ticket for a train which was scheduled to depart late in the evening.

The couple then took her to the zoo, from where they returned to the station and had food in the evening. Claiming that she would get the train at the Old Delhi railway station, they then took her there. They went off to sleep at the platform. The couple woke her up later and offered her tea, after consuming which she fell asleep.

When she came to it, the couple and the child were missing. The victim was shocked when she discovered her belongings and Rs.4,100 missing. She somehow boarded a train in a semi-conscious state and landed at Shahdara railway station, where she was provided police assistance.

Based on her complaint, the railway unit of Delhi Police has registered a case and also intimated the Kirti Nagar police station for a follow-up action against the rape accused, suspected to be a minor.

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