Showers on late Saturday evening brought respite to the city from the sweltering heat. The rain helped bring down the temperature by about 6.4 degree Celsius and also helped reduce the city's demand for power.

On Saturday the maximum temperature was 40.4 degree Celsius, one degree above normal, and the minimum was 27.1 degree Celsius, which was three degrees above normal.

According to officials of the Meteorological Department, on Sunday the maximum temperature is likely to be 41 degrees and the minimum 27 degree Celsius. The forecast indicates thunder and rain in some areas and a partly cloudy sky.

The rain on Saturday was attributed to the Westerly disturbances and 1.4 mm rain was recorded till 8-30 a.m. Met Department officials said the mean maximum and minimum temperatures in April were higher than normal. While the mean maximum stood at 40.3 degree Celsius as against 36.2 degree Celsius the mean minimum stood at 24.8 degree Celsius as against 21.5 degree Celsius.

This rise in the means was attributed to clear skies and hot Westerly winds. Meanwhile with the fall in temperature the demand for electricity also went down. On Saturday the city's peak demand for power stood at 3635 MW.

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