A 20-year-old pregnant woman was assaulted inside a moving bus in South West Delhi on Sunday afternoon.

The victim’s husband, a resident of Sagarpur, said they were returning home from Sitapuri when the incident took place. The couple had boarded a DTC bus (number RL-77) around 12.30 p.m. “My wife entered the bus from the front door, while I used the rear entry point to buy tickets. As the bus started moving, a man sitting behind the driver’s seat made some obscene gestures at her. My wife protested, but he continued misbehaving with her. Three others joined him.”

He alleged that they were drunk. After buying the tickets, the husband went to stand with his wife. An argument ensued between him and those allegedly troubling his wife. “I asked them what were they trying to do, but they shoved me aside and also pushed my wife.”

He added that many passengers were present in the bus but none intervened while his wife was being targeted. Even the driver and conductor tried to pacify him instead of helping. He then asked the driver to stop the bus at a nearby police station.

The driver stopped the bus at Hari Nagar police station. A complaint was lodged by the victim and all four accused held. The case was later transferred to the Dabri police station and the accused were handed over to the authorities there.

The victim however did not sustain any injuries.

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