The four accused were convicted on Tuesday

The parents of the 23-year-old physiotherapy student who died in hospital days after she was sexually and assaulted by four accused, who were convicted on Tuesday by a fast track court in South Delhi, said it was now the turn of the court “to show the world that we care about our daughters.”

“Nothing but death will do in this case.” Not just the family but the entire world would be looking towards India on Wednesday, she know what punishment would be granted to the four accused, said the girl’s mother.

Speaking about her daughter and her struggle in the hospital after the assault, she said: “My young daughter wanted to live. These men not just raped her, but also assaulted her in a manner that shocked people in India and abroad. How then do you expect me to forgive, forget and reconcile to anything less than a death sentence for the four accused? Is it not enough that the juvenile [one of the accused in the case] has virtually escaped punishment because he was a few days short of being 18 years old?”

“The punishment given to the juvenile broke us and only added to our pain. Tomorrow we are hoping that justice will be done and that we can see those accused of killing my daughter paying for their deeds,” she told The Hindu.

“We have lost our daughter forever; it is now the turn of the court to give solace and confidence to the people of the country by giving exemplary punishment to the accused,” she said. Reiterating that “death, death and only death” will do for the four accused, the father said: “The pain of seeing my daughter die after the assault will never go away, but my soul and heart needs to know that the men who did this to my daughter have paid for their sins. She was my daughter, I have lost my child in the most brutal way possible…ask any parent what it means to see their child die in front of them. Death and death alone will do. I will not accept anything less.” he said adding that he had faith in God and in the judicial system.

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