Delhi Finance Minister A.K. Walia on Monday approved the release of a sum of Rs.1,500 crore to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi to help it meet its immediate requirements.

The decisions to release the amount was taken by Dr. Walia after a delegation of MCD leaders, led by Delhi Mayor P.R. Sawhney, called on him and sought his support in addressing the financial requirements of the civic body.

The delegation that also comprised Standing Committee chairman Yogendra Chandolia, Leader of the House Subhash Arya and Municipal Commissioner K.S. Mehra demanded that the Delhi Government take a sympathetic view on the demands raised by the MCD. Principal Secretary (Finance) J.P. Singh was also present at the meeting.

For their part, the MCD leaders demanded the sanction of an additional plan fund of Rs.597 crore as additional requirement under roads, education, medical and community centres.

The delegation also sought an allocation of Rs.1,286 crore as compensation for the loss of collection of property tax due to implementation of Unit Area Method, a special grant of Rs.600 crore under education sector, a financial assistance of Rs.1,000 crore in the form of wage and means loans and a grant of Rs.50 crore for rural development.

Dr. Walia released Rs.1,500 crores to the civic body and expressed hope that the money would be spent judiciously on the heads concerned. It was stated that while Rs.100 crore have been sanctioned as an extra grant for education, health and roads, Rs.500 crore is being released as loan which will be recovered in three years, and. Rs.900 crore is being released as early instalments.

Dr. Walia told the MCD delegation to treat this amount as a “stimulator to improve the financial health of the civic body”.

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