A television programme teaches children the importance of design

‘Design Ah!’, a television programme for children with design as its theme, was recently bestowed ‘The Good Design Grand Award 2012’ in Tokyo. With the aim to create awareness about the vital role played by design in making a better society, and to enhance the ability to understand various perspectives, the programme has been produced by Naohiko under the banner of Japan Broadcasting Corporation.

Design Ah! delves into the intricacies of design and creative viewpoints with the help of movie clips and music in a style that meets professional standards. Leading designers, showcased in the programme, take time out to explain to kids the object, structure or action of the people around them from the ‘design’ lens with distinctive images and music. The programme makes an effort to produce a new sense of value in young minds by using design as an imperative tool.

Guest jury member from India at the design awards was Pradyumna Vyas, director of National Institute of Design, who is also member secretary of the India Design Council. At the function in Japan he shared his views on his experience and learnings from the 60 years history of the Japanese G Mark and its relevance to the younger Indian counterpart, the I Mark. Among the significant activities at the awards was the signing of a MoU between Japan Institute of Design Promotion and India Design Council for a training programme on operation of a design award for India. Who knows, next could be a similar television programme customised for desi kids.