If you feel like spending an evening under the stars, in the company of lights, music and art and fashion installations, then head for the historic Jantar Mantar here this Thursday for “Luminosity: Celebrating Bonjour India”, a fusion of all these, with both Indian and French elements.

“It took us seven months to complete the project,” says Hemant, of the Franco Indian couture duo “Leconaet Hemant”. Their fashion installations or “dresses of light” will centre on the theme of astronomy, space and mythology. “It is meant to represent the impressions that we get of mythology based on the architecture of Jantar Mantar.”

The show, part of the Bonjour India festivities, has been organisedby Institut Français en Inde and the French Embassy here. Everything about it will be a fusion of Indian and French culture and is meant to represent the spirit of the Bonjour India festivities.

Hemant also said it took just one evening to put up the installations. “The pieces will be mounted on metallic frames and are made up of materials that do not diffuse easily. They will be illuminated through translucent light,” he said, adding that he wanted to convey the timelessness of art and its many expressions without any exceptions to gender. He was very firm that the lights would be luminous and translucent and not direct.

Apart from the “dresses of light”, the ancient observatory will be lit up with special lights by artists Patrick Rimoux and Nandita Palchoudhuri, famous for their sculptural light work.

A music performance will also be orchestrated by DJs of the band “Scratch Bandits Crew”.

A fusion of Indian and French will run throughout the spectacle as “Bonjour India is all about the Indo-French Touch, with innovative propositions to be built on completely fresh Franco Indian collaborations destined for a larger public”.

The larger public, however, must hurry if they want to see the show and collect their passes from either Alliance Franchise or Turtle Café in Khan Market.

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