While the Bharatiya Janata Party has been a bitter critic of the Congress for being a party controlled by a family and promoting dynastic politics, the saffron party has had its own fair share of ‘son’ rises.

One of the latest being Pravesh Singh Verma, son of former Delhi Chief Minister Sahib Singh Verma, who is contesting as a BJP candidate from West Delhi Lok Sabha constituency. Speaking to The Hindu, Mr. Singh defended his role in the party saying he worked his way up the political latter.

You recently got elected as MLA from Mehrauli and now you have been made party candidate for the Lok Sabha. Did you not benefit from dynasty politics which your party accuses the Congress of promoting in the country?

It would be unfair to say that I was made party candidate just because of my father. Had that been the case I could have contested 2008 Assembly elections and the 2009 parliamentary elections after my father passed away in an accident in 2007. But that was not the case. I proved myself in the party with lived up to the faith reposed in me by the party, be it by being the general secretary of Delhi BJP or my current assignment of being a member of thenational executive.

How important is the legacy of your father to you?

It is a huge responsibility in a way as he was a very popular leader. He did several good things for the city which people still talk about. Even during the campaigning, almost 80-90 per cent people whom I speak to talk about the work of my father. However, such response also instils a sense of responsibility in me.

On which of the two issues you are banking the most for your electoral success – the political legacy of your father who had significant support especially in the rural belt or Narendra Modi?

Neither Modi ji nor my father believed in politics of caste or region. They worked for the larger good of the society. Moreover, caste affiliations are critical in local elections like municipal corporation. These are general elections wherein people largely vote with a national perspective, keeping in mind several things like which party is in a position to provide better governance and the PM candidate.

What are the local issues in your constituency. And how do you plan to solve them if people elect you?

One of the major issues in the constituency is availability of drinking water. Several pockets of Dwarka, Matiala and Vikaspuri are facing an acute water crisis. This is because both the Central and the Delhi Government have failed to operationalise water treatment plants in the area. There are several unauthorised colonies in the area, which lack in basic infrastructure. Once the Bharatiya Janata Party government, which is contesting the elections on the plank of development, is in place at the Centre, all these issues would be sorted out.