The adult six-year-old animal is under intensive care, says zoo vet

Delhi Zoo has turned to homoeopathy to find a cure for a lioness who had suffered a paralytic attack and is currently undergoing treatment at the zoo hospital.

“The young lioness, which came to Delhi from Hyderabad, was found unwell a fortnight ago and since we have had some good results with homoeopathy treatments previously we have initiated the animal on the regime. The adult six-year-old animal is under intensive care and we are monitoring her condition closely,” says Delhi Zoo vet Paneer Selvam.

Besides caring for the lioness, the zoo authorities are also taking care of an injured hippopotamus who was badly bruised after being involved in a fight. “Two animals were involved in a fight and we found that one of them was badly injured and needed urgent hospitalisation. Delhi Zoo has three male hippos and four female hippopotamuses and we are now planning to move out some animals and also shift one male to Uttarakhand Zoo. The other animals are doing well coping with the harsh summer that the Capital is currently experiencing,” adds Dr. Selvam.

He says routine systems have been put in place including additional water supply, providing animals with diet conducive for summer and installing water cooler to help the animals cope with the sweltering heat.

The zoo is also working at increasing the animal population. “We are trying to breed Asiatic lions, white tigers, fox, wolf and hyena. We have put them on medication to ensure that chances of breeding remain high. The zoo is keen to ensure that the animals stay healthy and breed successfully. We are keen that the number of Asiatic lions and white tiger is pushed up. The animals have already been put on a medical regime and we are hopeful of good results,” says Dr. Selvam.

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